Who we are

Carmen Milobendzchi

Carmen Milobendzchi is a co-founder of The Nature Association, and has been an animal advocate all her life. With her partner Roxy, Carmen helped set up the shelter in 2002 in order to alleviate some of the suffering of the stray dogs she saw all around her on the streets of Bucharest. She is a talented architect by profession, and every ounce of her free time is spent either at the shelter working hands on with the dogs, or else driving dogs to and from the vet for treatment, or driving around the city in order to advocate for our dogs, and acquire the necessary food and supplies for the shelter to continue. She never gives up on a sick or injured animal, and knows all of the 350 dogs by name! Her passion and drive for animal rights is truly motivating and inspiring.


Roxana Macoviciuc

Roxana Macoviciuc is a co-founder of The Nature Association dog shelter, and has been working hard for the stray dogs of Romania for as long as she can remember. Along with her partner Carmen, Roxy helped start the organization in 2002, as well as fund the building of the initial structure. She works as an economist by day, and in her spare time is in charge of most of our administrative work. Roxy works tirelessly to organize meetings with the mayor to advocate for the rights of street dogs, to organize fundraising and advertising campaigns, adoptions, sterilization campaigns, and countless other things. She brings her intelligence and quick thinking to the table on a regular basis, and ensures logistical matters within our organization run smoothly and accurately – without her, we would be lost!

Mihai Cirstea and Milena Constanda

Mihai Cirstea and Milena Constanda first started volunteering for the shelter in October 2011. They graduated University and moved from Vancouver, Canada to Romania in order to volunteer their services to this amazing organization that they had heard so many great things about. Besides regularly helping out at the shelter, they are in charge of organizing fundraising campaigns, maintaining an online presence, raising awareness, and various forms of digital media in order to spread the message of the dire situation of stray animals in Romania. They aim to use their skills to bring about an international audience in order to aid the shelter in its goal to save the stray dogs of Bucharest, Romania.


Mia has been a loyal, dedicated and hardworking volunteer at the shelter for most of her retired life. She began working with us casually, calling us whenever she encountered an injured or abused animal on the streets or near her home. But she soon after formed a relationship with us and the dogs at our shelter, and for the past 5 years has been coming almost daily to volunteer her services in feeding, cleaning, grooming, socializing and otherwise generally helping our dogs in any way she can. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and doing tough jobs, as long as it means she’ll make the dogs happy. She has a genuine love and maternal instinct toward these animals, and often works tirelessly in difficult circumstances in order to ensure all their needs and comforts are met to the best of her ability. Mia tops off our team of 5 volunteers, and with her unceasing efforts and hard work towards our shelter, she’s the perfect icing on the cake!


Marian taking a break with Ursulica

Marian Dorobantzu is our trusted veterinarian, and one of the best in his field that we’ve ever encountered. He has worked with us for several years, and always does everything he can to save a sick animal or treat complicated injuries. His skill and experience enable him to  sterilize around 50 dogs per day at our sterilization campaigns that last from morning till night, often with not breaks in between! He has proved himself able to excel in areas where other vets have failed, and so we always trust his opinons and diagnoses. We are lucky to work with Marian as he is a talented and driven man, and what else could we ask for when entrusting the lives of our most precious companions?


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