Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to thank Dogs Adoptions Nederland for consistently helping us with the donations of supplies and food that they bring us by truck every few months – everything is always extremely useful! We also would like to acknowledge their immense help in getting dogs adopted to Holland – without you, we would not be able to send roughly 100 dogs per year to happy homes!

Dogs Adoption Nederland bring supplies and food by truck.



A very special thank you to Laura Pontini for her donation of our mobile clinic, which we constantly use in our Sterilization Campaigns. Without the ease and efficiency this provides us with, we would not be able to make so much progress in the sterilizations we do in our neighbourhood!

Mobile Clinic



We want to give a huge thank you to SNIP International for donating these 3 pieces of equipment to us! With these tools we can ensure that our Trap-Neuter-Release programs take place in a safe manner for us, and a humane way for the dogs.

SNIP International equipment



Thank you to all our donors, big and small! Thank you also to all who have sponsored dogs at a distance from us, past and present, and to those who have adopted our dogs into their loving homes. We also want to thank those dedicated individuals who have come and volunteered with us at our shelter, and those who volunteer with us on a regular basis and help us care for our dogs in an invaluable way.

Our dogs owe their lives to all of you!



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