Angela adopted her dog Iutsi in January 2012

“To anyone out there who might consider this …. This is a wonderful organisation. They work relentlessly to care for and protect vulnerable and neglected animals. If you do consider adopting a dog from this shelter, you can rest assured that anything you are told about any dog you would like to adopt will be entirely honest. After a number of weeks of conversations with the organisation (both to reassure them and me) I did adopt a beautiful little dog and brought her to Ireland. Everything I was told about her was completely accurate and I am so very happy that i have done this.”

Angela Eakin. Belfast, UK. 


Marius adopted his dog Ursulica in March 2012

“If you think about adopting a dog, definitly consider The Nature Association! They are serious, really helpful and they seems to be so sweet. They are hardworking and take good care of the dogs. This is an organisation which helps you choose the perfect dog for you and your envirement. Myself adopted the perfect dog and it´s not the last time I will adopt from you guys. It´s also a very good feeling to send them updates, because they really appreciate it. Ursulica now has a really good life here in Norway with me and we appreciate each other very much.

So don´t hesitate which organisation you should turn to if you want a new dog! :)

Marius Baastad. Oslo, Norway. 


Tine Trana and her family adopted Whisper to Norway in March 2012.

“We spent 5 days in beautiful Bucharest which we really enjoyed and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in adopting a dog from Romania. However, it is the people from the “Nature Association” that we truly will remember for the rest of our lives. We have never met such dedicated and thoroughly good human beings. These people dedicate their lives to saving animals in Bucharest. We recently adopted a beautiful, young male named Whisper. He is the best thing that could ever happen to us. We feel very confident that we could not have found a better dog anywhere else. So please consider adopting one of their dogs or, if your life situation does not allow it, at least make a donation. You can be 100% sure that your money goes to the right place. If you live in Norway and want to adopt, but can’t make the trip yourself, we will be more than happy to do it and take your dog back to Norway for you. It is much cheaper to transport a dog with a companion than to send them on their own. Please contact The Nature Association if you are interested, and we’ll make it work.”

Paws up!”
Tine Trana & Martin Julieboe. Oslo, Norway.

Maverick, the inspiration of Mav’s Friends

“The one thing we have become more aware of since starting Mav’s Friends is that as bad as dogs and cats have it in the United States, it is much worse elsewhere. The way animals are treated in many other countries is deplorable and we have come across many great non-profits internationally who are doing great things to save animals one at a time. One such rescue organization is The Nature Association. … When we contacted The Nature Association, they emailed us back and forth a number of times almost immediately and were so nice and easy to deal with. We had seen them try to spay and neuter 25 animals once every few months or so whenever they think think they can raise the money. We contacted them and said we would like to host their next campaign for them and cover the spaying and neutering of the animals matching their next campaign they plan to do. So, now, they will be able to do 50 spays and neuters and hopefully use our matching donation as a way to draw out donors. We were humbled to hear their appreciative responses back over and over again. You can rest assured that if you decide to give them money, they will put it to good use and be very thankful. For instance, this is a snippet of an email they sent us: ‘Again we can’t express our gratitude enough. I’ve told all our other (3) volunteers about this and they’re just thrilled, we’ve really never had an individual sponsorship like this before. It gives us some extra energy to make it through this disastrous winter :) ‘ This is a very different experience than giving money to many other charities.”

– Adrian Meli of Mav’s Friends – www.mavsfriends.com


Ross was adopted by Maxine Airey and her family to the UK in June, 2012

“I just want to say – on behalf of my mum and dad – Thank you so so much to the “The Nature Association” – Romania’s Number One Animal Shelter – and obviously Milena, Thank you so much! Continual support via email and the two people you traveled with …  you could tell just how much love and attention had gone into the healing of Ross – and how much he trusted you guys! ♥”

Emily Briant, Maxine Airey & family. Herne Bay, UK.


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