Sponsor a dog

Stan has the best puppy dog eyesIf you’re interested in sponsoring one of our dogs, it’s easy! Look through the album and find the right dog for you, then email us and let us know which lucky dog gets to be adopted at a distance. Most of these dogs have very sad stories and difficult pasts, and your sponsorship will be used to ensure they receive better quality nourishment, as well as treats and toys when available. Sponsored dogs also require and will get some extra socialization and love, as they all have unique histories and stories of abuse, neglect, or rejection.

To sponsor a dog is only € 10 per month, and we use an automated donation system through PayPal – it’s both easy and completely secure. We’ve chosen this amount because it’s the cost to feed a dog for an entire month. Once you sponsor a dog, we will send you a card in the mail that you can put on your fridge or anywhere you like, and we will send you regular updates and photos of your sponsored dog. He or she will get a lot of extra attention, and you can feel confident in knowing you’ve done something good not just for the one dog but for all our four-legged friends!


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