Come Volunteer With Us!

IMPORTANT: Due to our shelter being quite over-capacity at the moment, we are not able to accommodate volunteering requests at this time. We recommend finding another Romanian shelter to volunteer with that would very much benefit from your help. We thank you for your understanding. 


A volunteer walking 3 dogs at once!

Our goal at the shelter is to constantly and regularly provide all our dogs not only with their basic needs – namely food and water – but also with adequate exercise and socialization so that they can live in as stress-free an environment as possible. With our roughly 350 dogs, we must regularly clean, provide food and water, give supplemental or specialized nourishment to puppies, sick and/or elderly dogs, medically treat a variety of ailments, and socialize and walk as many dogs as possible. We want our dogs to not only be physically healthy and happy, but also mentally encouraged and stimulated so that they become the best dogs they have the potential to be, and so they can be ready to be adopted.

Our dogs love extra treats!

That’s where you come in! We are always looking for people of all ages and abilities to volunteer with us, and to take part in the daily activities of the shelter. With just three regular workers (one on shift per day) and five volunteers, we have our hands full with all the necessary work that must be done. With our limited staff and volunteers, and the countless duties and tasks that must regularly be fulfilled at the shelter, we are constantly struggling to find the time and man-power to get everything done. We are always seeking out passionate animal-lovers who want to physically work alongside our dogs in order to enhance their circumstances and give them a chance at a better life. We are fighting for the strays of Romania and are looking for like-minded individuals to work with us and help us achieve our goals. If you are interested on volunteering with us, please contact us and we can give you further details on our location, transportation, nearby accommodation, and all the necessary logistics to help you on your way to us!


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