Adopt a dog

Tine and Martin happily brought Whisper and Ursulica home to Norway!

Most of the dogs at our shelter are up for adoption, and are looking for happy homes that they can call their own. All our dogs were found on the streets and rescued by our shelter, and now they are healthy and ready to find homes with loving families.

Since many Romanians don’t value street dogs very much, and tend to adopt mainly breeds instead, our market is mostly international – and we’ve had great results so far! To date we’ve flown dogs to Holland, Italy, Ireland, the UK, and Norway – and we’re excited to work with many more countries in the future!

– ensure the dog is sterilized, microchipped, and has all its vaccines
– complete a health check with a vet before the dog flies out
– take care of all the paperwork and the dog passports

– complete a full background check with us
– pay for the flight of the dog, and your flight to accompany the dog – or pay for the dog to fly alone as cargo, which tends to be more expensive (this is your only expense – prices vary based on the airline, destination, and size of the dog)
– agree that you will care for the dog and that you will provide pictures to update us on how the dog is doing
– if your new dog is not fitting in at its new home, we will take them back free of charge and try to re-place them. Our priority is not just to send dogs away, but to actually find them happy, loving homes.

Amber, getting ready to fly to her new home in Holland

– if booking with Lufthansa, the cost for the dog is between €70 to €300, depending on the destination and size of the dog
-if booking with KLM, the cost for the dog is €75 if it’s within Europe, and €200 if traveling between Europe and the US or Canada.

Here is a selection of our Dogs for Adoption; we will be continuously updating this album. If you are interested in any of the dogs in this album, if you would like more photos or a video of a certain dog, or if you have any questions at all, please contact us.


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